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Balance Checkers

Balance Checkers allow you to instantly check your PRESTO card balance at any time.

Tap and hold your card to the Balance Checker to view your account details and your recent transactions. You can also tap your card on a Balance Checker to complete an online transaction. Please note, online transactions may take up to 24 hours to sync across all PRESTO devices.

Balance Checkers are available at all GO Transit stations and at select local transit stations. For GO Transit customers, the Balance Checkers are yellow. For local transit customers, the Balance Checkers are green and grey.


Brampton Transit

  • Bramalea Terminal - 160 Central Park Dr., Brampton
  • Brampton Gateway Terminal - 501 Main St. S., Brampton
  • Downtown Brampton Terminal - 8 Nelson St., Brampton
  • Trinity Common Terminal - 164 Great Lakes Blvd., Brampton

Burlington Transit

  • Downtown Bus Terminal - 430 John St., Burlington

GO Transit

  • All GO Stations


  • City Centre Transit Terminal - 200 Rathburn Rd. W., Mississauga

Oakville Transit

  • Uptown Core Terminal - Trafalgar Rd. & Dundas St. E., Oakville