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    Register your PRESTO Card

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    GTHA Customers

    For customers who registered by mail-in form, or who registered prior to May 31, 2013, you must create a username and password to log in to the PRESTO website. You can no longer use your card number and PIN.

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    Please note:

    If this is a replacement PRESTO Card DO NOT REGISTER. Instead, log into your PRESTO account to complete the block/transfer process. With this process your registration details will be transferred from your old card to your new card.

    If this is a new PRESTO Card purchased from a Customer Service Outlet, please wait 24 hours from the time of purchase before registering your card online.

    Please enter the 17-digit card number and 3-digit verification number found on the back of your PRESTO card. Do note that card registration requires a Canadian address.