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The Discounted Double Fare program, which offered customers a discount when transferring between GO Transit or UP Express and the TTC, is coming to an end as scheduled. As of April 1, 2020 customers who transfer between these transit agencies will be charged the full fare for each ride.

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PRESTO FAQ - Fare Discount on GO, UP and TTC

Have questions about the PRESTO fare discount when transferring between TTC, GO and Up Express? Get the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions here.

The discount is applied to your fare when you travel between TTC and GO Transit, or between TTC and UP Express for UP Express trips to and from Pearson Airport. This discount is available exclusively for PRESTO users who pay as they go with their card balance. It is not applied if you use a PRESTO monthly pass, cash, paper tickets, or tokens.

Adults will save $1.50 and seniors and youth will save $0.55 cents in addition to the discount you already receive on regular fares for using PRESTO.

Yes, in this case you would receive both discounts as long as the TTC tap was within the three-hour GO Transit transfer window.

If you are travelling on TTC first, and then transferring to GO Transit or UP Express, the discount will be applied to your GO or UP fare. If your usual TTC fare is the $3.10 Adult fare, you will get $1.50 off your GO Transit or UP Express fare.

The discount is applied automatically so you’ll see a lower GO fare in the Amount column of your Transaction History.

Once you tap on GO you have three hours to begin your TTC trip to get the discount. Once you tap on TTC you have two hours to begin your trip on GO Transit to get the discount. Once you tap on UP Express you have one hour to begin your trip on TTC to get the discount.

The discount only applies to UP Express trips to and from Pearson Airport. If you are travelling between Union, Bloor and Weston stations and you wish to take advantage of the discount when connecting with TTC, or the GO loyalty program, you have the option of taking GO Transit.

In the case of a significant GO Transit delay you can submit a GO Transit Service Guarantee claim online. At this time the GO Transit Service Guarantee system will only look at your GO trip and you will need to contact either the GO Transit Contact Centre or PRESTO Contact Centre directly to receive the further discount for your TTC trip.