PRESTO FAQ - Tax Credit

Have questions about the PRESTO Public Transit Tax Credit? Get the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions here.

A Transit Usage Report provides information about your transit use with your PRESTO card for your records and for tax purposes. You can get your Transit Usage Report at any time of the year and it will display transit usage information up to the date you access the report.

You must have a My PRESTO Account to get a Transit Usage Report then follow these steps:

Step 1 – Sign into your account, click on Manage in the top menu and select Transit Usage Report, or click on Transit Usage Report in the quick links section.

Step 2 – Scroll down to the bottom of the page to the section for your current Transit Usage Report and click on the drop down menu to select the year you want the report for.

Step 3 – Click on the Transit Usage drop down menu to select the report you need: you can get a report that shows transit passes purchased only, transit fares paid only or both.

Step 4 – Click on View to see your report. You can download the entire report as it is, or you can export it as a CSV file and customize it.

When submitting your Transit Usage Report for tax purposes, it is your responsibility to determine which fares and passes are eligible for tax credits. To find out about transit tax credits, visit the Canada Revenue Agency website.

The Ontario Seniors’ Public Transit Tax Credit can be claimed by eligible Ontario residents 65 years of age or older for travel on public transit within Ontario from July 1, 2017 onward.

You can find out about who is eligible for the tax credit and the types of public transit trips that can be claimed here.

It is your responsibility to review your Transit Usage Report to determine which trips taken with PRESTO qualify for the Ontario Seniors’ Public Transit Tax Credit.

Yes. However you must create a My PRESTO account in order to retrieve your Transit Usage Report. Please note that only the previous year and future years will be available.

Yes, if you reported a lost, stolen, damaged or defective PRESTO card with a MY PRESTO account and arranged for your information to be transferred to a replacement card. The information from the old card is also placed on the Transit Usage Report with your new PRESTO card information.

Yes. Your Transit Usage Report is linked only to your PRESTO card number. It is not assigned to your personal home address.

The Canada Revenue Agency is responsible for assessing claims for taxable travel benefits. To support a Transit Usage Report tax credit claim, you may choose to also submit a photocopy of the back of your PRESTO card with the card number and signature clearly displayed.

Yes, as long as you signed up for a My PRESTO Account by the required date for the tax year you require. You can view your Transit Usage Report for the previous years from your account dashboard by clicking on Manage in the top menu and select Transit Usage Report, or from the Quick Links section by clicking on Transit Usage Report. You will be brought to the Transit Usage Report webpage where you can download the report you require.

Now, you can log in and get your Transit Usage Report at any time of the year. We’ve made a few other changes too:

  • You can filter your transit usage by month, or a range of dates. You can also filter by fares paid, transit passes purchased or both
  • The primary cardholder name is now included on all Transit Usage Reports associated with your PRESTO card
  • Your Transit Usage Report no longer includes a total dollar amount; this allows more flexibility when using the report for tax claim purposes.