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The Discounted Double Fare program, which offered customers a discount when transferring between GO Transit or UP Express and the TTC, is coming to an end as scheduled. As of April 1, 2020 customers who transfer between these transit agencies will be charged the full fare for each ride.

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Save Even More With PRESTO

Here’s how you can save more when you use your PRESTO card when you transfer between TTC and GO Transit or UP Express. 

How can I save more with PRESTO?

You can save even more with PRESTO when you combine your GO trip, or UP Express trip to or from Pearson Airport, with TTC; adults can save $1.50, students/youth and seniors can save $0.55. This discount is just another way PRESTO makes it easier to take transit. The discount will be applied automatically as you travel and all you’ll need to do is tap your card.

Who gets the discount for combined trips between GO or UP and the TTC?

This discount is available exclusively for PRESTO users who pay as they go with their card balance. The discount is not available if you use cash, paper tickets, tokens, or a monthly pass on your PRESTO card. Adults, post-secondary students/youth, and seniors are eligible for this discount. UP Express customers travelling to or from Pearson Airport will get the discount when connecting with the TTC. UP customers travelling between Union, Bloor and Weston stations who wish to take advantage of the discount when connecting with TTC, or the GO loyalty program have the option of taking GO Transit. For UP Express trips, tap the blue UP Express devices. For GO Transit trips, tap the green GO devices.

If you are travelling on GO or UP first, your TTC fare will be $1.70. If you are travelling on TTC first and then transferring to GO or UP, the discount will be applied to your GO or UP fare: a discount of $1.50 for adults and a discount of $0.55 for students/youth and seniors. If you are travelling between TTC, GO and a local transit system that has a co-fare agreement with GO, you will get both the TTC and local transit system discounts.

When starting your trip on GO, you have three hours to begin your TTC trip to get the discount. If you don’t have a default GO trip set on your card, be sure to tap off of GO so you’ll get the discount. Learn about setting a default for easier travel.

When starting your trip on UP, you have one hour to begin your TTC trip to get the discount.

When starting your trip on TTC, you have two hours to begin your GO or UP trip to get the discount.

Use Triplinx to plan your trip and calculate your discount

Use Triplinx to help you plan your route and find out how much your fare will be to make travel even easier

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