Get PRESTO Ready

Hello PRESTO user! Been away from transit for a while? We’re happy to see you again! Here are some tips to make sure your PRESTO card is ready for your next journey.

Need a new PRESTO card?

Find out where to get a PRESTO card.
If your lost card was registered, you can transfer your balance and details to your new card through your PRESTO account.

Hand holding black PRESTO card

Check your Autoload

Check your Autoload settings in the PRESTO app or on the website.


Forgot your balance?

Any funds you had on your PRESTO card are still there, ready for you.
You can check your card balance on:

Make sure to have the right fare type:

Check the fare type on a card on the PRESTO app or at a PRESTO Fare Vending Machine

Front entrance of Shoppers Drug Mart

If your fare type has expired, you can get it set up at a Shoppers Drug Mart location or a Customer Service Outlet

Need to load?

Add funds instantly:

Hand holding mobile phone with PRESTO app. Get it on Google Play or Download on the App Store

On the PRESTO app - now available on Android and iOS

PRESTO website with a 2 hour wait time icon

You can also load your card on the PRESTO website - your funds will be ready in up to two hours

Need to check your route schedule?

Check out these pages:
Brampton Transit
Burlington Transit
Durham Region Transit
GO Transit
Oakville Transit
OC Transpo
UP Express
York Region Transit


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