New PRESTO Devices

We've installed new PRESTO payment devices across the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area that make online load times 8 times faster! Funds will now be added to your PRESTO card in up to two hours when using You'll see the new devices on GO, UP, Brampton, Burlington, DRT, MiWay, YRT, HSR & Oakville Transit. The devices have a new look, including larger screens. To prepare for more payment options coming, they’re designed to process one card at a time, so make sure you’re tapping only your PRESTO card against the reader (not your entire wallet filled with cards) to pay your fare.

Woman tapping on new PRESTO bus device

Bus Devices

The new bus devices will replace our older devices on select buses at GO Transit and across the 905 transit agencies – Brampton Transit, Burlington Transit, Durham Region Transit, Hamilton Street Railway, MiWay, Oakville Transit and York Region Transit.

New PRESTO station device

Station Devices

These new devices have been installed at GO, UP Express and York Region Transit stations.

GO customers can press the “mode” button to use a few different features:

  • Press 1 time and tap to override a default trip
  • Press 2 times and tap to reverse a fare payment
  • Press 3 times, tap and hold your card to check your balance

UP Express customers can press the “mode” button to reverse a tap or check the balance on their card.

YRT customers can press the “mode” button to the left of the screen 1 time to check the balance on their card.

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