Hello PRESTO App

Bye-bye waiting. Adios wondering. Say Hello to instant loads and balance checking with the PRESTO app. 
Download the improved PRESTO app today!

Instant loads. So instant, it’s instant-instant

Simply tap your PRESTO card on the back of your phone to instantly load funds onto your PRESTO card.

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Get to know the not-so-new but super improved PRESTO app

Say hey to loading your fare and checking your balance in an instant. Plus, check out more cool features once you’ve downloaded the PRESTO’s mobile app.

Instant in-app fund loading

Instant Loads

Instantly load funds and transit passes in real-time to recharge your PRESTO card.

Instant in-app balance checking

Instant Balance Checking

See your last tap and current balance in real time.

In-app reminders

Expiry Reminder

Get low balance and pass expiry reminders.

Apple Pay and Google Pay icons

Apple & Google Pay

Pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay and your saved payment method.

In-app Autoload and Autorenew features

Autoload & Autorenew

Set up and manage Autoload and Autorenew.

In-app default trip features

GO Transit Default Trip

Set, change or remove a GO Transit default trip.

Check your transfer window

Transfer Window

See when your transfer window expires.

Manage multiple PRESTO cards

Multiple Cards

Manage multiple PRESTO cards.

Check transaction history

Transaction History

See your transaction history from the last 3 months.

Create a PRESTO account

Create Account

Buy a PRESTO card and create a PRESTO account.


Learn how to use the PRESTO app

Still need more details on the PRESTO app? These videos will help you out.

PRESTO can be used on the following Transit Agencies

Don’t forget to load your PRESTO card using the PRESTO App before using PRESTO on the following transit agencies:
Brampton Transit
Burlington Transit
Durham Region Transit
GO Transit
Oakville Transit
OC Transpo
UP Express
York Region Transit




Still looking for more information? Reach out using our online chat feature.

Download the official PRESTO app from the App Store or Google Play for a simple, easy way to manage and instantly load your PRESTO card on the go.

If you already have a PRESTO account, you can sign in to the app with that account. If you don’t have a PRESTO account and would like to make use of PRESTO features, such as balance protection, transaction history, and setting contracts like Autoload and Autorenew, you can set up a PRESTO account through the PRESTO app.

Remember you must be connected to the internet either through Wi-Fi or a mobile network to use the app.

No, at this time you can’t tap the PRESTO app on your phone to pay for transit.

You also can’t add a PRESTO card to a mobile wallet (such as an Apple wallet) to tap and pay for transit, at this time.

You can instantly load funds and transit passes in real-time using the PRESTO app, once you’ve signed in, using the “Load Now” option.

For customers with NFC-enabled phones: you can load your funds or passes instantly by holding your PRESTO card against the back of your phone. Your card balance information will be updated shortly after.

For customers without NFC-enabled phones: once you’ve purchased funds or a pass through the app, you will need to wait between 4 and 24 hours for the funds to be ready to use. And remember, monthly passes only start working on the 1st of the month.

New to NFC? Here are some pro tips.

Yes, there’s an app for that! With the official PRESTO app you can manage your card anytime, anywhere. Loading your PRESTO card has never been easier. Download the PRESTO app today.

You can add a PRESTO card onto the PRESTO app by using your PRESTO card number and verification number (found on the back of your card) to sign in.

Best of all, you can add and manage multiple PRESTO cards within the PRESTO app.

Keep in mind, it can take a few hours for your newly purchased cards to be activated in our system. If you are experiencing issues adding a newly purchased card, please wait a few hours and try again.