PRESTO E-Tickets

PRESTO E-Tickets, a new convenient and touchless way to pay your transit fare, are now available for Durham Region Transit (DRT) and Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) customers.

PRESTO E-Tickets are easy to use – simply buy your E-Ticket using the PRESTO E-Ticket app on your smartphone before you travel. Then, before you board, activate your E-Ticket with your smartphone. Once you board, the E-Ticket is your proof of payment so make sure you have it displayed on your smartphone when you board to show the driver and in case of inspection.

PRESTO E-Tickets are ideal for occasional riders and visitors or those who may have forgotten their PRESTO card. They can also be used for group travel as multiple tickets can be purchased, activated and displayed for payment by one individual on one smartphone.

PRESTO E-Tickets are currently only available for DRT and HSR. They are valid for travel on a single transit system and do not count towards any loyalty programs, discounted transfers or co-fares that may be in place for PRESTO card or paper ticket users.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You need to activate your E-Ticket before you board a transit vehicle. Just before you board, open the PRESTO E-Tickets App, select the E-Ticket you want to use and then select “Activate.” The activation can take up to 60 seconds, depending on the transit agency you are travelling with:

  • Durham Transit - 60 seconds
  • Hamilton Street Railway - 0 seconds

Once you board, your E-Ticket is your proof of payment.

E-Tickets are only valid for travel on a single transit system and do not count towards any loyalty programs, discounted transfers or co-fares that may be in place for PRESTO card or paper tickets users.

The expiration date for E-Tickets that have not been activated is different for each transit agency. Your E-Tickets will remain in your account until you activate them or until they expire:

  • Durham Transit - No expiration date
  • Hamilton Street Railway - 365 days

Monthly passes are specific to the month and will expire on the last day of the month whether they have been activated or not.

Yes, once you activate your E-Ticket, the app will display the time your travel window expires and a countdown timer at the bottom of the activated E-Ticket screen.

You can buy and activate up to 20 E-Tickets at a time, and use those to travel with others who do not have the PRESTO E-Tickets App. But your entire group must stay together on transit in case you are asked to show proof of payment or if you plan to transfer during your E-Ticket travel window.

No, PRESTO E-Tickets are only available through the PRESTO E-Tickets App, which is separate from the PRESTO App. Your account on the PRESTO E-Tickets App is different from a regular PRESTO card account. Your regular PRESTO card account is only for loading funds and passes, and managing agreements connected to your PRESTO card. A PRESTO E-Tickets account is only for buying, managing and using your PRESTO E-Tickets.

No, your E-Ticket is only valid if it is activated on a smartphone that you are carrying with you when you take transit.

You will need to pay your fare through another method. You can pay your fare with cash, from a Ticket machine (if applicable) or use a PRESTO card. You will not lose any non-activated E-Tickets you’ve already bought. However, if you activated an E-Ticket before your phone stopped working, that E-Ticket will expire at the end of the travel window.

PRESTO E-Tickets and passes are final sale.

There are two options for storing your E-Tickets.

  1. Storing on your Device: When you buy an E-Ticket, it automatically saves to your device. Saving to your device means that you can view and activate your E-Ticket without an internet connection.
  2. Storing in the Cloud: After buying an E-Ticket, go to the Settings section of the PRESTO E-Tickets App, select E-Ticket Storage and select the option to store your E-Ticket in the cloud. Storing your E-Tickets in the cloud means they will only be available when you are connected to the internet, but you can access them from any smartphone that has the PRESTO E-Tickets App installed. We recommend storing your E-Tickets in the cloud if you are getting a new device or will be taking transit with a different device than the one you used to buy your E-Tickets.

If you uninstall the PRESTO E-Tickets App, you will lose all E-Tickets and passes that are saved on your device. We recommend that you transfer all unused E-Tickets and passes to the cloud before uninstalling the app.

To delete your PRESTO E-Tickets account, you’ll need to first sign into your account at Once you’re signed in, go to the settings menu and select “Your Profile,” then select “Deactivate my account.” To confirm, select “Deactivate.”

If you choose to deactivate your PRESTO E-Ticket account you’ll lose any unused tickets in your account. If you’d like to buy a PRESTO E-Ticket in the future, you’ll need to create a new account.