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PRESTO is the new home of TTC Monthly Passes

PRESTO will be the exclusive home for the TTC Monthly Pass after the TTC Metropass is discontinued in December. Add an adult, senior, post-secondary or youth TTC Monthly Pass to your PRESTO card to get the same unlimited travel across the TTC as you did with your Metropass, plus many other great benefits!

TTC Monthly Passes

January monthly passes will be available for purchase from December 15th until January 8th to give extra time to customers as they transition to PRESTO.

You can purchase a TTC Monthly Pass:

TTC 12 Month Pass is the new home for MDP

Want to save even more on a monthly pass? PRESTO customers who set up an account online can sign up for the TTC 12 Month Pass to get their monthly passes at a discounted price.

An adult 12 Month Pass is only $134 each month – a savings of $147 per year! A senior or youth 12 Month Pass is only $107 each month.

This is available online for the same time period as the TTC monthly pass. Sign up here and follow the online steps.


If you were a TTC VIP customer, here’s how you can ride with PRESTO:

  • Load a TTC 12 Month Pass
  • Load a monthly pass
  • Pay with funds on your card

Did you just receive a New PRESTO card and aren’t sure what to do next?

If this is your first PRESTO card, make sure it is set to the correct Fare Type so that you’re paying the right fare. A senior or youth Fare Type can be set at any participating Shoppers Drug Mart location.
Learn more about setting a fare type.

We recommend that you then set up a My PRESTO Account. With a PRESTO Account you can:

  • manage up to 10 PRESTO cards through one My PRESTO Account
  • quickly view account balance and transaction history
  • protect card balance if a card is lost or stolen
  • set up Autorenew for automatic transit pass renewals
  • set up Autoload to automatically top up funds when your balance falls below a set amount

If you already have a PRESTO card and have set up your PRESTO Account, you can continue to use that card. You may want to add this new card to your account. Find out how to do that.

Find out more about using PRESTO on the TTC.

PRESTO users can also take advantage of the two-hour TTC transfers

Hop on and off the TTC and switch directions as many times as you want – only with PRESTO! When you start your trip and tap your PRESTO card, your fare will be deducted and a two-hour transfer will automatically be applied to your card. Each time you hop on and off the system or switch directions, just tap your PRESTO card again. As long as you’re within two hours from your first tap, you won’t be charged another fare.

Find out more about transfers on the TTC.

Get your PRESTO card and start saving today.