Tap On. Ride Easy.


If you’re an occasional TTC rider or just visiting Toronto, the new PRESTO Ticket may be perfect for you! 

Frequently Asked Questions

A PRESTO Ticket is a limited-use paper PRESTO card that can be used to pay your fare on the TTC. It is designed for people who do not have a PRESTO card, infrequent travellers on the TTC or tourists.

PRESTO Tickets can be purchased at select Fare Vending Machines at the following TTC subway stations:

  • Lawrence West
  • Yorkdale

Later this year, PRESTO Tickets will be available at all Fare Vending Machines and at Shoppers Drug Mart locations in Toronto.

You can buy a single-ride, two-ride or day pass PRESTO Ticket at TTC adult fare rates. Senior, youth or group fares are not available on a PRESTO Ticket.

Tap your PRESTO Ticket to enter any TTC subway station, streetcar or bus and to transfer. Keep it with you as you ride as your proof of purchase for TTC fare inspections.

A PRESTO Ticket can only be used on the TTC. If you’re travelling on a TTC bus that crosses into Mississauga or York Region, you’ll need to pay the other part of the fare in cash or the appropriate MiWay or YRT fare media.

Your PRESTO Ticket will have an expiry date printed on the back.

If your PRESTO Ticket does not seem to be working, you can check it on a Fare Vending Machine, or on the Wheel Trans fare payment devices. If it doesn’t appear to be working, you can fill out a paper form to request a replacement.

No, your PRESTO Ticket cannot be reloaded as it is designed for limited use.

You can check if your ticket is valid at a Fare Vending Machine or on the Wheel Trans fare payment devices.