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Say goodbye to paper tickets, tokens, passes and cash. Say hello to more ways to tap on to transit with your PRESTO card, PRESTO tickets, PRESTO E-Tickets and PRESTO contactless. Available on participating transit agencies throughout the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area and Ottawa.

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Take advantage of instant loads and instant balance checking with the PRESTO app.

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Tap to pay with one of our many touchless, contactless and cashless payment options.

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Enjoy PRESTO discount rates on your transit fare, especially if you’re a student or senior.

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Same outside. Totally different inside. Buy a card, load it, and set your fare type. Then create a PRESTO Account to add your card and access great benefits – including PRESTO Perks.
Learn more: PRESTO Card

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Ideal for occasional riders and visitors, PRESTO E-Tickets are available for Durham Region Transit (DRT), Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) and Oakville Transit customers. Simply buy and activate your PRESTO E-Ticket on the PRESTO E-Ticket app or web, to pay for your transit trip.
Learn more: PRESTO E-tickets

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Paying for transit just got better, easier and convenient-er. You can now pay your fare on Brampton Transit, GO Transit, MiWay, Oakville Transit with a credit card - including in a mobile wallet. Just tap your credit card, phone or watch on a PRESTO device. UP Express customers can tap an Interac® debit card or a credit card to pay. Learn more: PRESTO Contactless

Paper Tickets

A PRESTO Ticket is a limited-use paper PRESTO card that can be used to pay your fare on the TTC. If you’re an occasional TTC rider or just visiting Toronto, a PRESTO Ticket may be perfect for you.
Learn more: PRESTO Tickets

Bye-bye waiting. Adios wondering. Say hello to instant loads and balance checking with the user-friendly PRESTO App. Download the improved PRESTO App today!
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Enjoy even more discounts.