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Load Your New Card Now

Want to travel faster? Load your card now so it arrives with the balance you want. A $6 non-refundable fee applies to new PRESTO cards. You need to load a minimum of $0.05 and/or load a transit pass to start with. To get a student/youth or senior card, visit one of our Customer Service Outlets.

If you order a new card while logged in to an existing account, the new card will automatically be registered to that account. If you want to order a new card that is not linked to your existing account, please log out of your account before starting the order process.

For more information on creating a My PRESTO Account, please visit Setting Up Your PRESTO Card.

You should only purchase PRESTO cards and load funds or passes through authorized sales channels, which include, Fare Vending Machines, Self-Serve Reload Machines, and our Customer Service Outlets. Never purchase a card or try to load funds and passes through an unauthorized seller.




Add funds to your PRESTO card

Funds will be available in 4-24 hours.

Amount of funds

Add a transit pass to your PRESTO card

Passes are only valid for travel on the transit agency selected.

Transit agency
Transit passes are currently unavailable for this transit agency or already loaded on your card. Please verify that monthly passes are available for purchase at this time of the month, and that there are no conflicting passes in your shopping cart.

If you are loading a pass for next month, it will be ready to use on the 1st of the month. If you are loading a pass for the current month, it will be ready to use in 4 to 24 hours.