Physical PRESTO card refund

  • To get a refund on your PRESTO balance, your physical card must be added to a PRESTO Account.
  • You can get a refund on your card balance by completing our Refund Form A for physical PRESTO Card and mailing the form and your PRESTO Card to us.
  • All refunds are subject to a 4% processing fee. The physical card issuance fee is non-refundable. PRESTO card refunds are sent using Interac e-Transfer® or direct deposit. See below for more information on e-transfer and direct deposit refunds.
  • If your card has been lost or stolen visit our Lost or Damaged Card page to learn how to transfer your balance to a new card.
  • Some local transit agencies will provide a PRESTO card refund in person, if the balance on your card is less than $50. Check with your local transit agency and if an in-person option is available, complete Refund Form B and bring the form along with your PRESTO card to your transit agency’s Customer Service Outlet. PRESTO in Mobile Wallet cards cannot be refunded in person.

PRESTO in Mobile Wallet Refund

Transit Pass Refund

  • PRESTO does not provide refunds for monthly and weekly transit passes. Local transit agencies may have different policies about refunding passes. You can contact your local transit agency for more information about transit pass refund policies. 

PRESTO Ticket Refund (TTC only)

  • If your PRESTO Ticket (TTC only) is not functioning, you can complete the PRESTO Ticket Refund Form and mail us both your PRESTO Ticket and the completed form.

PRESTO E-Tickets Refund

  • PRESTO E-Tickets single-ride tickets and passes are final sale.