Reporting your lost, stolen or damaged card and transferring the balance

All the PRESTO cards added to your My PRESTO Account can be cancelled if they are lost, stolen or damaged.

To cancel a PRESTO card:

It can take up to 24 hours for your PRESTO card to be cancelled once you have reported it. The balance on your card at the time you cancel it will be protected.

How to transfer my PRESTO card balance from a lost card?

You can transfer your card information and balance, including Autoload or Autorenew contracts and fare type, to a new card on the PRESTO website.

Log into your existing My PRESTO Account and follow the instructions to transfer your information.

Please do not register your replacement card, or add a period pass, as this is done automatically as part of the card replacement process.

  • To buy and receive your replacement card immediately: Visit a Customer Service Outlet, select Shoppers Drug Mart retail outlets, or a PRESTO self-serve machine. Follow the prompts on the PRESTO website to transfer your information to your new card.
  • Order replacement card online: to order a replacement card, log in to your My PRESTO Account, and select "Report Lost Card". Replacement cards may take up to 10 business days to be delivered and need to be activated online. Your replacement card will automatically be added to your My PRESTO Account, and your fare type and any Autoload or Autorenew contracts that you have will also be added to the new card.


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