Reporting your lost, stolen or damaged card and transferring the balance

Report your card lost or stolen and transfer the balance now.

When your PRESTO card is lost, stolen or damaged cancel your card right away to protect your balance and transit passes. You can cancel any PRESTO card that’s been added to your PRESTO account and have the balance, passes, fare type and settings transferred to a replacement card.

You can’t transfer your balance if your PRESTO card hasn’t been cancelled.

If your PRESTO card wasn’t added to an account when it was lost, stolen or damaged, you can’t cancel your card or transfer your balance. Create a PRESTO account and add your card to it to protect your balance for your new replacement card.

How do I cancel my lost, stolen or damaged PRESTO card and transfer my balance?

Watch a video tutorial on how to replace a lost/stolen/damaged PRESTO card and transfer your balance.

  1. Cancel your lost/stolen/damaged PRESTO card:
    • By logging into your PRESTO Account through our website (recommended option)
    • By logging into your PRESTO Account and using our Chat feature
    • By Calling us at 1-877-378-6123

    Cancelling a PRESTO card is permanent. Once you cancel your PRESTO card, it can’t be used again.

  2. Buy a new replacement PRESTO card:
    • In person (recommended option): You can buy a replacement card from a customer service outlet, select Shoppers Drug Mart Locations or a PRESTO Fare or Ticket vending machine. You can transfer your balance 4 hours after buying a replacement card in person. Your card details (including your balance, passes, fare type, and settings) will be transferred to the replacement card. Some card details (transaction history, loyalty trips, GO default trip) cannot be transferred to a new card bought in person.
    • Online: You can order a replacement card through your PRESTO account as part of the balance transfer process. Remember or write down the PIN you set when ordering. You will need it to activate your replacement card. Your card will be delivered in 7-10 business days. All your card details (including your balance, passes, fare type, transaction history, loyalty trips, GO default trip and settings) will be transferred onto the replacement card you will receive in the mail.

    Important: If you buy a new card in person please do not add it to a PRESTO Account or load a transit pass. This is done automatically as part of the card transfer process. If you add it to an account or load a transit pass, we won’t be able to transfer your balance or settings to the new card and you will have to buy another card to complete the transfer.

  3. Start your balance transfer:
    • Sign into your PRESTO account
    • Choose “Report lost card” from the quick links menu
    • Choose the card you want to cancel and follow the prompts
  4. Complete your balance transfer:
    • For replacement cards bought in person: Wait 6-12 hours after starting your balance transfer then tap your replacement PRESTO card on a PRESTO device or vending machine to take transit or check your balance. This will complete your transfer.
    • For replacement cards ordered online: Your new card will take 7-10 business days to be delivered. You must activate your card before you can use it by:
      1. Signing into your PRESTO account and choosing “Activate a card”
      2. Calling us at 1-877-378-6123

    Once your replacement card is activated, it will be ready to use, including the balance, passes, fare type and settings from the card you cancelled. Activation can take up to 24 hours.

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