Welcome to PRESTO. Say hello to more ways to tap on to transit with your PRESTO card, PRESTO contactless, PRESTO E-Tickets and PRESTO Ticket. Available on participating transit agencies throughout the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area and Ottawa.

Say hello to all things PRESTO

We met in a previous life. But in this one we’re way cooler. Let us reintroduce ourselves with all things PRESTO, now available in the region.

The PRESTO card


Same outside. Totally different inside. Buy a card, load it, and set your fare type. Then create a My PRESTO Account to add your card and access great benefits – including PRESTO Perks.

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Phone or PRESTO card tapping on device

PRESTO Contactless

Paying for transit just got better, easier and convenient-er. You can pay your fare on Brampton Transit, GO Transit, MiWay, Oakville Transit with a credit card. Just tap your card or mobile wallet on a PRESTO device. UP Express customers can tap an Interac® debit card or credit card.

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PRESTO E-Tickets on a smartphone

PRESTO E-Tickets

Simply buy and activate your PRESTO E-Ticket on the PRESTO E-Ticket App or website, to pay for your transit trip. Now available for Durham Region Transit (DRT), Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) and Oakville Transit customers.

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PRESTO paper ticket


A PRESTO Ticket is a limited-use paper PRESTO card that can be used to pay your fare. If you’re an occasional adult TTC rider or just visiting Toronto, a PRESTO Ticket may be perfect for you. Only available on the TTC.

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Comparing PRESTO Apps to Download

When you head to the app store you may notice we have two PRESTO apps to choose from. Choose the right PRESTO app for you.

Person showing the PRESTO App on their phone

The official PRESTO app

Say hey to loading your card and checking your balance in an instant with the not-so-new but super improved PRESTO app! Set up with or without a PRESTO Account.

Available for all PRESTO users.

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Person showing the PRESTO E-Tickets App on their phone

PRESTO E-Ticket app

Simply buy and activate your PRESTO E-Ticket on the PRESTO E-Ticket App, to pay for your transit trip. Set up using a brand-new PRESTO Account.

Now available for Durham Region Transit (DRT), Hamilton Street Railway (HSR) and Oakville Transit customers, with more transit agencies coming soon.

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Find the PRESTO Product That’s Right for You

Whether you’re a frequent or occasional rider, qualify for a discounted fare type, or travelling within Toronto or beyond, this chart will help you decide which PRESTO product is right for you.

PRESTO Contactless


Participating Transit Agencies

Frequent Transit Riders


Occasional Transit Riders


Fares and Pricing

PRESTO Fare Discount off standard fare

Including child, student, adult and senior fare type.

Additional discounts available when travelling between two participating transit agencies using co-fares.

PRESTO Fare Discount off standard fare

Adult fare type only.

PRESTO Fare Discount off standard fare

Fare type varies by transit agency.

Plus, 2-hour free transfer between participating transit agencies.

Standard fare

Adult fare type only.

Payment options

  • PRESTO App using credit debit, Apple Pay or Google Pay
  • Set up Autoload/ Autorenew
  • Vending Machine with cash, debit or credit card

  • Mobile wallet on smartphone
  • Mobile wallet on smartwatch
  • Physical credit card

  • PRESTO E-Ticket App on smartphone

  • Cash
  • Credit
  • Debit

Ability to tap phone to pay

PRESTO card no

Ticket Types & Passes

  • Single ride
  • Transit Passes
  • Day Passes
  • Single-ride
  • Single-ride
  • Day Pass
  • Single-ride
  • Two-ride
  • Day pass

Manage with a PRESTO Account


Where to buy and load

  • Order online
  • Instantly load with the PRESTO App
  • Ticket Vending Machines at stations
  • Self-Serve Reload Machines at stations
  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Customer Service Outlets
  • Use the mobile wallet on your own phone or watch, or your credit card
  • Use the PRESTO E-Ticket App on your phone or print out of your e-ticket
  • Fare Vending Machines
  • TTC Subway Stations
  • Shoppers Drug Mart in Toronto

The Bottom Line

A PRESTO card is still the best way for most people taking transit to travel in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area, and Ottawa.

PRESTO contactless is the easiest way to pay on Brampton Transit, GO Transit, MiWay, Oakville Transit and the UP Express.

A PRESTO E-Ticket is ideal for occasional transit riders in Hamilton and Durham Region.

A PRESTO Ticket is a good choice for visitors in Toronto travelling on the TTC

Enjoy More Discounts with PRESTO Perks

Two people socializing at a PRESTO Perks partner

PRESTO even offers discounts to some of your favourite places! Find out how and where you can show your PRESTO card to get discounts on some of Toronto's top attractions. Please note: Attraction opening days and operating hours are subject to change throughout the COVID-19 pandemic.

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